About Inkwell Heart

I got this idea one night, when I was up way too late journaling, that we each have an inkwell in our heart.

A reservoir filled with our truest selves, with the inconvenient emotions we’ve buried, the dreams we’ve labelled unrealistic, and the person only we know we once aspired to be.

And I wondered, if we each made the time to step back, away from the to-do lists, from the piles of laundry and the towers of dishes, if we carved out quiet from our daily chaos, and dipped our pens into that well inside, who is that truest self that we’d discover?

And would she be different from the person we are in our everyday lives?


I read recently that studies have found that the average person spends nearly half of every day acting out routines (and I think for mom’s that number’s even higher).

Half of each day is spent unconsciously going through the motions without stopping to ask ourselves if what we’re doing is actually what we want to be doing.

And I don’t mean “want” as in what we like.

I don’t like changing a diaper blow out, but I want to be a mom.

I don’t like going to the gym at 6am, but I want to be healthy and strong.

I don’t like journaling my emotions (I’d rather veg out in front of the TV), but I want the peace that it brings.

You see the pattern?

What we like is often not what we want.


So, what do our likes vs wants have to do with the inkwell in our heart?

Well, I believe that that reservoir for our truest self, the one that’s filled with our most intimate thoughts and deepest feelings, with our childhood dreams and most ambitious aspirations, I believe it contains our truest wants as well.

The person we imagine we could be and the life we dream we could have.

Our north star so to speak.


That truest self is the one who knows whether the routines and habits we rehearse like puppets day after day are actually propelling us towards what we want or just satisfying our momentary likes…

She knows how to not lose ourselves amidst the daily mom-life shuffle.

We only have to dip our pen into that inkwell inside and write.


Connecting with that truest self is what this blog is all about!

Hi, I’m Sarah!

I’m a foster mom and also a very pregnant mom.

I’m an entrepreneur’s wife, married to an incredible optimist who infuses our life with ideas and change on a daily basis.

I’m an athlete, who’s spent the last years training and competing in the most competitive women’s football league in the world.

I’m an adventurer, who’s utterly obsessed with exploring the world.

I’m all these things, and yet, amidst toddler tantrums, and full diapers, and loads of laundry, and sleepless, pregnant nights, I often completely lose track of who I am and who I’m aspiring to be.

This blog is my attempt to not only reconnect with myself but to encourage other women to do the same.

I firmly believe that we can be great mom’s and wives without losing ourselves in the shuffle!

Join me on the crazy roller coaster ride that is our family life. I hope you find encouragement, understanding, and inspiration here!