I think that the question – What do I believe? – is the most important question we can ask ourselves.

I would describe myself as a former “sold out” Christian turned hopeful skeptic. 

After spending my first 25 years completely dedicated to Christianity, life brought me face to face with major discrepancies between what I believed the Bible was promising and what I was experiencing in my life. 

Unable to ignore these contradictions, I found myself slowly relinquishing the beliefs that had thus far defined my life and embarking on a journey to either seek new truths or a new way back to the old truths. 

As I’ve searched through religious texts and accounts of various spiritualities, I’ve found myself wrestling with some of the toughest questions facing Christianity today.

And while my wanderings have exposed just how little I will probably ever know on the subject of faith, they have also brought me face to face with the gaping hole that a lack of faith has left in my life.

It’s my longing to fill this hole and to not pass it on to my children that has not only been the motivation for my searchings, but has also been the inspiration for the posts you’ll find here.

I hope they’ll challenge you, uplift you, and inspire you to reach for greater spiritual understanding as they have done for me.

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