Fostering and Family

Welcome to the roller coaster ride that’s been us starting a family!

I’m a first time foster mom. 

Who walked through 3 years of infertility, 2 surgeries, and 3 miscarriages before my husband and I chose to begin fostering.

In the year since that decision, I’ve become intimately familiar with the waiting for a placement, the several almost placements, and then the sudden launch into foster parenthood that comes with the first placement.

I’ve fumbled my way through initial appointments and setting up services, through court dates and parent visits.

I’ve wrestled, watching our foster daughter settle into our home, knowing that though she longs for permanence, and I long to be her forever mom, her place with us is only temporary.

I’ve had days when I am sure I’ll foster forever, and others when I’ve been confident, I’ll never do this again.

I began pursuing domestic infant adoption while fostering, only to find out a few months into the process that I was pregnant again.

If you’re new here, welcome to the roller coaster that’s been us trying to start a family! Whether you’re struggling with infertility, considering fostering, or starting a family in some other way, I hope you find validation, encouragement, and belonging here!