Personal Growth

Who knew the perfect place to pursue personal greatness was in the middle of full diapers, two-year-old tantrums, and a sink full of dishes?

Mentally, I was the weakest person I knew. 

After a total mental collapse in college cost me my ability to play collegiate soccer, I immersed myself in the world of sport psychology and personal excellence, studying high achievers from every arena.

What I learned: 

Mental weakness is a chosen state of mind. 

And mental toughness, was not a God-given-gift that I’d missed out on, but a skill that anyone can acquire. 

When I walked off the field as a Women’s Football National Champion years later, I walked off as a killer who was no longer a victim of her own mind.

The posts you’ll find here are filled with the lessons I learned while catching touchdowns, now applied to a life of changing diapers and kissing boo boos.

They are my pursuit of personal excellence, not only as a mom, but as someone who sees chasing my dreams, while performing the daily shuffle, as my greatest challenge yet!

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