Our family is going to see the world! Join us for the ridiculous, the comical, and the helpful tips we gather along the way!

I’m going to see the world! 

One hidden waterfall, one African village, one ancient temple, and one terrifyingly exotic meal at a time. I’m going to explore it from the top to bottom, from one pole to the next, hitting as much of this planet as I can in between. 

It’s going to take me a lifetime. But that’s the dream – to see it all with my family.

The fact that that family so far consists of one travel conservative husband, one foster daughter, and one very pregnant mama, doesn’t deter me at all!

I fully expect our odd little clan’s escapades to be a somewhat ridiculous, somewhat comical, and hopefully somewhat helpful as well (even if you just learn what not to do).

So welcome! Climb aboard. It’s going to be one wild ride!

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